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Our mission

Undici&Ventisette is attentive to the protection of client confidentiality and the protection of identifiable personal information. We try to create an experience that meets the needs of our guests in a responsible manner using the information provided to us, and we are committed to respect client confidentiality and to adhere to the principles of data protection and international laws concerning confidentiality

This privacy policy (Policy) provides an explanation of the information we collect, use and how we make use of such information would improve navigation on our customer's websites and the relationship with us. We want to help you make informed decisions, so please take a moment to read the sections that follow


Undici&Ventisette collects information about its guests and visitors to their websites in order to provide an experience that meets the needs of both. The information may be collected during: (i) reservations or requests for information, (ii) purchasing products, (iii) the registration for membership programs, (iv) the sending of the application forms of employment or (v) the answering to our communications (e.g. surveys, promotional offers, or reservation confirmations). We try to collect only the information provided in an informed manner and, if necessary, with the consent of the customer. The types of identifiable personal information collected may include name, home address, workplace and e-mail, telephone and fax number, credit card information, birth date, gender, and lifestyle information such as preferences for rooms, leisure activities, names and ages of children and other information necessary to meet special requests (e.g. health conditions that require special room accommodations)

Undici&Ventisette may also collect non-identifiable personal information, such as the ways of utilization of our websites, communication preferences, travel habits, aggregated data on stays and responses to promotional offers and surveys

When you reserve or purchase travel services through this site, the information provided by the user are sent to the airline company, car rental company, hotel, travel package seller or other third parties involved in the organization of your trip

Moreover, if the user is registered as a member of a promotional program, Undici&Ventisette can store information about you in a promotional profile. The site is designed so as to minimize the need to re-enter that information from the profile on the various promotional reservation forms that appear when you use the site. The profile information may be used by Undici&Ventisette to automatically fill in promotional forms that appear when the user navigates the site for information and reservations, and when you use any other sites linked to this. When you browse, reserve or purchase travel services through such sites, the information may be provided to vendors or third parties involved in providing travel services

This site contains links to other websites that may collect identifiable personal information about you. When you click on one of these links, you enter another website on which this site has no responsibility. We invite you to read the privacy policies of these sites, as their rules may differ materially from the "online privacy" of Undici&Ventisette

In addition to the circumstances described above, Undici&Ventisette may disclose information where this is necessary to comply with applicable law or court order, at the request of other governmental authorities or courts, or in good faith that disclosure is necessary or advisable, including, without guidance, to protect the rights or property of Undici&Ventisette when there is reason to believe that disclosing the information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against individuals who might interfere, whether in an intentional way or not, with the rights or properties of Undici&Ventisette, or in case of potential harm to others caused by such activities


Collection and Use

Undici&Ventisette is committed to providing information concerning the collection and use of identifiable personal information provided to or collected from visitors during use of the websites, products and services. It is our policy not to require information unless this is necessary, or that you intend to use it. Some of the primary purposes of the collection of identifiable personal information include:

provision of services such as transaction processing (e.g. make a reservation, respond to inquiries or complete an order for a product);

marketing and customer communications in relation to the products and services offered by Undici&Ventisette, its partners in the marketing strategies and other reputable third parties;

conducting market research via surveys to better meet customer needs, improve the effectiveness of our websites, the experiences of guests in our hotels and the various types of communications, advertising campaigns and / or promotional activities

It will always be offered to the customer the opportunity to choose not to send your identifiable personal information, or to decide what communications you want to receive from us. However, this could have effects on the conduct of certain transactions. For example, the choice not to provide a name will prevent the processing of reservations

Development and divulgation

In most cases, the information provided are added to a local or global database. During the processing of the information, it may be necessary to transfer customer's identifiable personal information to companies affiliated to Undici&Ventisette, or third-party service providers in Italy and around the world for the purposes outlined in this privacy policy . As a general practice, Undici&Ventisette does not sell, rent or give physical possession of customer's identifiable personal information to third parties not affiliated and being outside of the system Undici&Ventisette. The situations in which Undici&Ventisette may disclose customer information to others include:

if the client has given his consent to act in that way;

in situations where it is required the sharing or divulgation of information in order to offer customers the products and services you want (e.g. a vacation package);

when companies or service providers that perform activities on behalf of Undici&Ventisette require such information (e.g. credit card processing, customer support services, management of market research and database management services);

when a hotel or other property leaves the system Undici&Ventisette and need access to identifiable personal information  to facilitate the customer's business operations or meet contractual obligations;

in the event of a merger or in case Undici&Ventisette is acquired by another company;

where necessary to meet legal or regulatory requirements or obligations arising from the application of applicable law or court order;

in case of emergency, in order to safeguard life, health or property of individuals

In the case of information sharing under the terms outlined above, we will try to limit the scope of the information provided to the minimum necessary to ensure the execution of the function. Unless prohibited by legal process, we require third parties to protect the identifiable personal information of our customers and to comply with the laws and regulations regarding privacy



To meet the commitment to keep customers informed, we can write, send e-mail, call or contact the customer so to inform them of new products and services, or special offers, events, enhancements, or other important information from Undici&Ventisette that may be of interest. The customer may also receive mailings or other communications from carefully selected third parties. We always offer customers the ability to reject part or all of these communications by following the instructions included in our e-mails or other communications, or by contacting Undici&Ventisette

If the customer is enrolled as a member of this website, he or she may also select the preferences for our communications updating the email preferences in their profile

We want to keep our guests and visitors informed and able to exploit the advantages offered by Undici&Ventisette and its partners in marketing strategies. However, in the event of customers living outside of Italy, some regulations regarding confidentiality may request authorization from the customer to receive unsolicited information from us

In some cases the customer's permission will be implied in the nature of the requested service or transaction. For example, Undici&Ventisette may collect and use identifiable personal information  provided in a voluntary or behavioral data and information collected in aggregate form. In addition, authorization by the customer will be deemed given for communications necessary for the implementation of the transactions and services requested

Under certain circumstances, it may be required to obtain explicit authorization by the customer in cases of collection of information deemed sensitive by their nature by certain regulations concerning confidentiality of data (e.g. targeted information to reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions or health conditions)


The nature of our business and our operations may require the transfer of information concerning the client, including identifiable personal information to other companies, properties, operations centers, data centers or service providers of the group that may be located in countries other than that of the client. Although the data protection and other laws of various nations may be less extensive than those of the customer's country, Undici&Ventisette will take the necessary measures to ensure that identifiable personal information  of customers are protected and managed as described in this privacy policy


In order to ensure that the customer's identifiable personal information is accurate and up to date, we encourage customers to review regularly and update the information when needed (e.g. in the case of changes of residence in the address or of the e-mail, or if you want to add an additional method of communication). If the customer is registered as a member of our website he or she may review and update their online profile, or request the assistance of a customer service representative; if the customer is not registered, he or she may review and update their identifiable personal information contacting our office in piazza della Maddalena 6, or sending email, and requiring a login form. In an attempt to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of customer's identifiable personal information, customers may be asked to provide proof of identity (or other authentication documents) and fill out a form to request access. Access to identifiable personal information from customers that are not members cannot be provided by telephone

If, upon review, the customer wishes to deactivate their membership profile, or update their identifiable personal information, we will try to do what is required quickly. In occasional circumstances, the information which is requested to be deleted can be stored in archives for a certain period of time to resolve in a proper way disputes or issues that are connected to the localization and resolution of faults. In addition, some information may be stored indefinitely on systems "back up" or within log files due to technical limitations or financial or legal requirements. Consequently, not all of the identifiable personal information will be removed entirely in response to customer demand 



Undici&Ventisette recognizes the importance of information security, and revises and improves constantly the technical, physical and logical rules and safety procedures. All the websites and servers owned by Undici&Ventisette are equipped with security measures that help protect all customer's identifiable personal information that are placed  under its control against loss, misuse and alteration. Although it is not true anywhere else on the internet that there is a "guaranteed security", the customer information is safeguarded by using systems of protection of both procedural and technical nature, including password controls, "firewalls" and the use of encryption methods to protect customer's data interception and hacking while in transit


Undici&Ventisette may use cookies, invisible pixels and web beacons in order to obtain information about you while browsing on their websites. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to the customer's browser from a web server and stored on your computer hard drive. It assigns the computer a unique identifier number which, in turn, becomes the customer's ID card upon subsequent visits to websites of Undici&Ventisette

Cookies were designed to save time, because they help to provide the customer with a customized experience without having to ask for preferences during each visit to the web pages. The cookies from our websites are not designed to damage files of the client, nor can they read information in other files on your computer hard drive

Cookies also help us provide you with personalized online experience in the following ways:

remember your username and password for future visits and thus make it easier and faster to log;

ensure the display of frames and appropriate content;

ensure the provision of all required information;

help provide information relevant and responsive to the customer's interests and location

Cookies are only limited to our web sites, and do not follow the client when surfing the internet after he abandoned Undici&Ventisette websites. We track usage of our websites to better meet customer needs and to make it easier to find information in the future. In addition to cookies from Undici&Ventisette, a number of third parties may place cookies on your computer's hard drive. Undici&Ventisette is not responsible for the presence or absence of third-party cookies, or for technological capabilities or practices employed by third parties in conjunction with cookies

If you prefer not to take advantage of the benefits of cookies, you can set your internet browser to manage cookies in other ways. Depending on the type of browser used, you can configure your browser to: (i) may be required to accept or decline cookies from time to time or (ii) can be avoided at all that your browser accepts cookies. Refer to the supplier or manufacturer of the web browser for specific details about cookie security. However, rejecting cookies may affect your ability to perform certain transactions on our websites and our ability to recognize the customer's upon returning to our websites

Undici&Ventisette also uses invisible pixels, sometimes called web beacons, to count the number of visitors from certain web pages. The information collected from invisible pixels is used and reported in aggregate form and does not contain identifiable personal information. Undici&Ventisette can use this information to improve marketing programs and content


To meet the needs of our customers, Undici&Ventisette provides links to other websites for convenience and for information. Undici&Ventisette is not responsible for the content or materials presented in the independent websites, including, without limitation, advertising and marketing practices. While protecting customer information on its owned or operated websites, Undici&Ventisette cannot control the privacy policies of websites of third parties, including websites owned or controlled by independent dealers, third party owners of hotels, places of residence, timeshare or residences that can use the trademarks of Undici&Ventisette or websites not controlled or authorized by Undici&Ventisette. The third-party websites accessed through links on our websites have distinct privacy policies and data collection practices and security measures. Undici&Ventisette is not responsible for the practices, standards and security measures implemented by third-party websites on their property. To request information on practices and privacy policies and security measures, we invite you to contact those third parties before providing identifiable personal information. It is recommended to review the information and the privacy policies of the linked websites to understand how those sites collect, use and store information


Undici&Ventisette does not accept contacts, does not seek to obtain nor does it wish to receive identifiable personal information from children; as a form of protection against children, upon enrollment of a new visitor to any of the websites managed by us, Undici&Ventisette always requires the input of the user's birth date. Despite these caveats, it is not always possible to determine the age of people who access and use our websites. If a minor (as defined by applicable law) provides data without the consent of a parent or guardian, you are encouraged to contact us to request the removal of such information and unsubscribe the child from future marketing communications from Undici&Ventisette


If you want to update your information, modify your communication preferences, or if you do not want to receive future marketing communications from Undici&Ventisette, you can contact us:

by e-mail:


by phone:
+39 06 688.055.37

by mail:
Undici&Ventisette S.r.l.
Circonvallazione Clodia, 163/167
00195 Rome


Undici&Ventisette may change this Privacy Policy to comply with changes in regulations, business needs or to meet the needs of customers, properties, partners, marketing strategies and service providers. Updated versions will be published on our website and date stamped so you can know the latest update of our Privacy Policy

Rome, 1 October 2023